Geoffrey Greene IBA #227 suggestion on a route south of Knoxville

"Mile High" CHEROHALA SKYWAY - 48 miles from Robbinsville NC to Telico Plains

Beech Gap

The tail of the dragon Crossing Deals Gap at the Tennessee/North Carolina state line, the Dragon is considered by many as one of the world's best motorcycling and sports car roads. Anyone looking for an exciting highway will enjoy this stretch of US129.

Deals Gap NC Motorcycle resort and the start of the 'Tail of the Dragon'

On the Dragon's Tail.... professional photos I ordered from this photographer. I just happened to see him taking pictures and went on line at the Deals Gap web site and found the pictures he took lots of other cool pictures..


It was wonderful and I recommend the ride....
August 13, 2005

Pictures from September 3, 2006 ride of the Dragons Tail (Deal's Gap)
My Saddle Sore 1000 (Iron Butt Association) Ride
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